mother in law

How to win your mother in law’s heart?

Love and Relationship

Hi, people hope you are doing pretty well, so AM I. Well, lately I discovered this is one common issue with almost every girl in this world, and that is with the mother-in-laws. The stories that knocks after “We can’t live together.” This has been heard some gazillion times, and yes, we are talking about …

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Bioderma Sensibio H2O review


Hey girls, how are you doing? This is a section I was thinking off lately and voila here I am giving you tips and bits reviews of products, some I found peace with and others that just went off the good drama. Here let’s get started with Bioderma Sensibio H2O water that is a micellar …

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food stuff

10 Best Summer Foods For That No Make-up Glowing Skin

Health and Fitness Lifestyle

Drenched in sweat and facing the scorching sun? Congrats, summer is here.  Sun is bringing no mercy as it seems as temperature soars to the zenith. With the mercury rising to new levels, it is also essential that our body is efficient in fighting off the excessive heat. For an on-the-toes mechanism, food plays it …

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age in marriages

Is age just a number in marriages?

Love and Relationship Uncategorized

As they say marriages are made in heaven, then why has this age conflict always played a wide game in rising those brows? Falling in love is one thing and sticking with the same partner is another. It’s a personal manifestation when his mind meekly glides on the roads of knotting with someone or for that …

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Women smokers are constantly on a rise

Health and Fitness

Women, the figures that credited to your account seem quite astonishing?  The recent report showed that the no. of women smokers is constantly on a rise but the toll of smokers declined from the recent survey. A study by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in 2012 showed there were 12.7 million women …

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mother love

This video shows mother’s affection is beyond words


Mother is one soul that selflessly pours her love and affection and do not need a day like Mother’s day or so to grant her with humongous love. She is from one valiant soul that fights for her child to a soft-hearted meek voice that let her child dwell while the child was asleep. She …

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Neerja bhanot and sonam kapoor

Why some heroic actions are forgotten just like Neerja Bhanot?


Neerja Bhanot is one heroic women who died at the meagre age of 23 after saving the lives of not less than 359 people. She was the chief purser at Pan Am flight 73. It was a normal morning that began for the leading lass of the house who was as chirpy as any other …

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happy people

Know your happiness


Well, these three words “Know your Happiness” sounds so easy but to achieve the same we surrender our entire life. Yes, we go through all the odds and evens and rotate  around the dynamics to take our stand on this paramount achievement. Well, as they say life is all about discovering this quintessential essence of …

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